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Military Rib Boats

Military Rib Boats

Because of our continuous search for higher quality, more reliable products, the Blue-Spirit GRP military ribs proved to be of excellent use for the military. We always strive for improved designs and better aesthetics for all our rib products, but functionality has to come first.

Designing the military rib boats

When our design team and engineers developed the military line, the biggest challenge was to create an as light and strong as possible rib while being bulletproof, without compromising maximum performance and maneuverability.

The result of our military line rib boats speaks for them self.



Blue Spirit produce a line of 4.20 tm 24.00 mtr Military ribs in Open/Patrol /Wide Body and Heavy-duty Blue Spirit models which has the following features:
-Gunwales with insert pockets for ballistic plates
-Bow area will be designed to sail dry.
-Bow door; a new disembark system .
-Deck with a suspension platform to support the jockey seats
-Cabins with ballistic plates

Latest deliveries

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